MoJo Sample Webpage

Marketing is a battlefield. You can’t just divide and conquer anymore. At MoJo Active we Integrate & Conquer™. Indeed, it is as epic as it sounds.

What's that mean? Visit our website and find out.

We Get Real.

We follow strategy from its first conception through to completion, then analyze and strategize all over again. Our job is never done. We believe in pulling the forces together: our account gurus work with our creative junkies who work with our tech squad to create a solution uniquely yours. We work in those stereotypes but our thinking is cross-disciplinary.


We Get Integrated.

Right-left brain

Creative Meets Tech-Savvy

We fall down on our swords to make creativity and analytics work together. We’ve formed an alliance with the left and the right brain. We use A.I. to debunk advertising myths—no not adobe illustrator, no not an army of robots—it’s Active Intelligence. It’s about more than just websites. It’s about targeted content. It’s about weaving a web of interconnected images, words and systems to catch the right prey. It’s about taking an audience from unaware to aware to informed until they’re convinced.


We Get You More Customers.

We believe in the end result AND the thinking behind it. We let you take back your honor, redefine your brand and reach immortality across all mediums. We get real. We get integrated. We get you more customers.

Get MoJo Active.

It's hard to put into words just why MoJo Active is so unique, so we made a little slideshow to help you understand. This content block will have a carousel of random images when it decides to work.

Carousel here.



This download has a caption telling you to download. This could be useful on many sites, whether attaching a patient or registration form or the specs of the newest SPX oven.

Fancy Download.

This download has no caption, but if you click on the picture it should download a test PDF. This may be a surprise for website visitors so in the real content you should include a caption link.

Just a caption.

Here we have a content block that just has a caption. It doesn't really make sense, but maybe someday a client will want this and we'll be ready! Does it look good? Probably not.


Link and a Caption!

This content block is a caption that's linked. This is a great option on a web page if you want to provide the reader with more information but not make it the focus of the content.


Scenario 8

This content block has a file and a caption. Let's see what it looks like in this site. This scenario could be very useful but would look better if it had a picture, but that's for scenario 6.


Scenario 1- A Photo

This is what it looks like with just a plain photo. This will be used on a lot of sites. A photo of rowers is a good metaphor for our teamwork at MoJo Active. We all have to work at our maximum potential or we may not reach our goal.

Linked Photo

If you click on the photo to the right you will be taken off this webpage. This would be okay to use if your photo is saying something like "donate", but don't just link a regular photo without telling the reader there's a link there. It's a little shady.